“You’re out!”

 “I am not! He made me miss!”

The 6 to 7 year- olds know every by-law and codicil in the rule book of “wallball”. I don’t know this game, so I stood on the playground of Lake Shore Elementary school watching recess, enjoying the sun on my face and the challenge of learning the nuances of the sport by observing these newly forming little members of society. I have watched before but it takes more than once because an adult cannot immediately see the invisible boundaries that the children all…

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what happens in Vegas... 

What happens in Vegas…

 I’ve never been to Las Vegas, but I feel like I have. I suppose even in third world countries, Las Vegas, Nevada is the most visually recognizable city in America, maybe even above our nation’s capitol and New York City. I would go if I needed to, or if I had a good reason. I’m neither afraid of it nor seduced by it; but I have the feeling that the communication between my mind and my soul would be distorted there, and I value that interaction highly. If you like it… fine. It’s…

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the day before easter 

I'm wondering what Saturday was like for Mary, knowing her Son as only a mother can.
She had more faith in Him than anyone!

ONLY she KNEW with 100% certainty that her pregnancy was from God.

SHE had practically said, " Jesus, fix this" at Cana, BEFORE His miracles!

She saw ALL His ministry, she saw His meteoric rise, and she saw the seeming whole world 5 days earlier cheering for her son.

And now this.

She had probably collapsed from exhaustion after the horrific "Good Friday", and awoke like we all do…

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a matter of trust 

A matter of trust.

 I love animals. I always have. Some kinds more than others, but the personality is what draws me rather than the species. I’ve loved a couple of horses, even loved a cat named Louis once; loved two Holstein calves that I reached inside their mamas up to my elbow to deliver, and who later would come to my call even upon reaching, uh- cowhood? I’ve made friends with pigs and goats and squirrels and deer; I got along famously in Mexico with dolphins and a large iguana named Valelentina…

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The Case of the Selfish Cyclist. 

“What a perfect crisp fall morning for a walk”, I mused as I briskly moved the 20 (or so) pounds I hoped to lose along the quiet, tree-lined streets. They were damp from the latest October rain, but right now with the kids in school and most people at work the fresh air was all mine. My body and spirit breathed it in deeply as I explored a neighborhood or two, acknowledging the occasional passerby. I prayed as I walked – mostly thoughts of gratitude and commitment to God, affirmations of my faith…

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