Gettin' hitched. 

Yes, it's true. I am engaged to be married! Her name is Darla Meeks Ball. We have known each other since childhood, and our families have been entertwined since before we were born. We dated some in our late teens, but life drew us apart geographically and we've just been fans of each other for the past 30 years. It became instantly apparent when we began communicating last Christmas that our love had been there all along, and we aren't wasting any time. I will post the wedding information later.

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Where'd summer go? 

This has been a precious season for Aaron and I! We swam almost every day, learned to dive better,learned to paint and got to go to our beloved camp in Ridge MT!(It's better if you paint... then dive and swim.) Camp was wonderful, the Holy Sirit never fails to meet where He is wanted and honored!!I've had several opportunities to minister through the summer, along with some challenges with our local church I will not be attending ministerial classes this semester due to ... well, I'm broke! I have…

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Had some fun with the VWC band tonight, filling in for Nicole for a couple of weeks and getting to know everybody. Don't worry kids- I'll be back next week!

Feelin' good... 

wow. spent the day finding out I'm short on rent and my phone is disconnected BUT I got "A"s in class, got a lead on a job and its snowing outside! Those big, puffy flakes that float and make you imagine every one being different and realizing how big and careful our God is.

the most wonderful time... 

Yah... its busy for us all, but the spirit of Christmas in the happiness of folks, the festive decor, the bright eyes of the children - they all exhibit the love of our God and Creator to me! I choose to ignore the greed, and instead notice the many who have the true Spirit of the Savior, Christ the Lord!