From the recording modern day Pharisee

This song a teeny bopper Mark wrote speaks for itself. 
Years ago when I was a youngster, a man named Curly came to our church occasionally with his wife Betty. They were both smokers, and Curly would light up a cigarette just outside the door as soon as church was out. I liked Curly; he was friendly and noisy and funny, quick with a toothy smile and a joke. Curly knew that " Christians don't smoke", and even I noticed that he was always alone as he smoked outside this house of God - as if he were a leper. Curly was clearly a "sinner", and the non-smoking, non-drinking, non-dancing or movie going (or makeup or jewelry or pants wearing women)et al "Christians" who piously went through the motions of proper Christian etiquette avoided him, their silence booming their judgement. Curly would be the sad topic of their discussion later, as they gratefully mused on their own "sinless" lives... 
I am SOOO thankful that I was able to see and feel the love and forgiveness of Jesus IN SPITE of the "modern day Pharisees". BTW, I expect to see Curly in heaven!


so you know ALL about it... tho' ya don't know just why
every move down to basics.
You don't even have to try
gotta save that emotion for the football game
bet you're so happy you came...